Q. How do I make sure I order the right ring size?

A. We recommend that our customers go to a jeweller and get sized at least twice. Your hands will swell over the course of the day or in humid weather so we also suggest getting sized in the morning and evening if possible. Also, a ring that is wider will fit more snug than a narrow ring the same size so when you go to the jeweller let them know the approximate width (5mm, 8mm etc.) of ring you plan to order so they will be able to size you correctly.

Q. What happens if my ring arrives and it is too big or small?

A. Charlie is able to resize your ring. It does depend on the style and how much but generally he can adjust the size by 1/2, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Q. What is the suggested width?

A. We suggest that women’s rings are no wider than 6mm and men’s 8mm at the back of the ring (palm side of your finger) if you wanted a wider ring that is possible but we would suggest that it be tapered. The reason for these width suggestions is for comfort and durability. If the ring is too wide in the back it will restrict movement and it will constantly come in contact with hard surfaces such as doors which will eventually cause damage to your ring.

Q. How durable are your rings?

A. Our wooden rings are not made by carving a block into a ring shape as these rings have a tendency to snap, especially if the wood has a deep grain. Instead we use a long piece of very thin wood wrapped in several layers and bonded together with extremely strong glue. After our rings are completed they get a very strong finish on them. This finish increases the rings durability even more. With this method you are able to choose which direction you would like the grain of the wood to go without compromising its integrity.

Q. Are your rings waterproof?

A. Yes! We are extremely happy to say the finish we now use is completely waterproof. You are able to wear your ring to wash your hand using a mild soap. You can also wear your ring in the shower and bath but we don’t suggest that you wear it in a pool or hot tub as the chemical could possibly breakdown the finish. If you like to swim in the ocean that’s okay too, just wash your hands and ring afterwards, so the sea salt does not settle on the ring.