About Us

As a child, Charlie lived in many small towns throughout British Columbia. At a young age Charlie had a love for electronics and mechanics, he would take apart and rebuilt almost anything he puts his hands to. Little did he know the skills he learned as a child would develop into the ability to make these unique pieces of art.

Charlie began to make wooden rings 8 years ago. Charlie’s attention to the smallest of details and his incredible patience is what gives him the ability to create such precise wooden rings.

I grew up just outside of Toronto in Bramalea, Ontario. I was a city girl who loved the country. My fondest childhood memories were visiting my family in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia and Cobourg, Ontario, two places very close to my heart. I spent a good part of my childhood learning that life in the country is a beautiful one. Surrounded by wildlife, nature and some of the nicest people in the world.

Always owning as many pets as my parents would allow, I thought for sure that I would end up taking care of animals. My life never did take that path, however I did venture into rehabilitation therapy for several years, but now my caregiving is focused on my family and friends. My love for people and animals has made it easy to care for our most amazing son, our two energetic dogs (Kaylee, Keto and our new addition Ryder) and our wise old cat (Omar). I enjoy the outdoors with my family as often as possible.

Together, we now live at the bottom of Mount Fromme in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Like many residents of BC, we do our absolute best to maintain an honest and sustainable lifestyle. Re-using & recycling is a constant part of our lives. From the simple act of being aware and making some small adjustments we have learned how much less power and water consumption a family really needs to survive and still live comfortably.

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